deadpool model that needs to be ragdolled.

He has no bones and is an .obj file. If anyone is willing to make this into a ragdoll and/or playermodel I will pm you the link for download.
here’s what he looks like:

WHOA WHOA WHOA, where this deadpool model come from???

i made it in milkshape.

damn dude, I’m impress…

thanks lol. but i only have that so i cant make bones or port it. lol

You mean, only you and that person are going to have an access to it?

no i just don’t see the point in releasing it when its not ready. lol

He mean you have to give a link for download obj file
therfore someone can rigg

No, I actually missread what he was saying.

well i posted the dl link. i keep making skins for it so when someone actually does ragdoll him i can release it in a pack.