Deadpool model

Can anyone make a Deadpool model for garrysmod please? If you don’t know what he looks like, go to google and search him or look at this picture., or get the model from Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 and convert it to gmod format or something (if thats even possible).

(User was banned for this post ("Missed the requests" - PLing))

watch this thread.

that helped a little, thanks though

I’ll get round to it, be patient.

I saw the one you were working on. Not to be an asshole or anything but i didn’t like that version(don’t get me wrong it looks pretty good). The version in Marvel:Ultimate Alliance 2 is the one that I’m looking for.

Well i’ve not seen that ripped (or any MUA2 stuff), so… ^^;

Well, all in due time my friend.