deadpool player, ragdoll, and npc reskin/model

well theres a few ways this can be done, a remodel to look exactly like this

or you can skin the spiderman from here

or reskin this (i relise theres others but that has the player already)

or this (buff him a bit and make player and npc afterwards of skinning)

maby this for a tactical look

or this for a more tactical look

or reskin the arctic terrorist in this

doesnt matter but we need deadpool, im not the only one too, there have bin other request’s, but i will make sure **



Didn’t Silver Spirit already do this?

Yes but his gets mangled up when used as a player or NPC

exactly why im requesting this

personally a mix of the new spiderman model and the crysis nanosuit could give the head shape ontop of muscle build

this has to be done sooner or later, if we wai, later, if i could model or skin rght now this would be in release

we need deadpool

someone needs to do this, als it shouldnt be to hard either, someone should test a deadpool skin on the crysis nanosuit model and see if it looks okay, if it does, hex it, and make it a player and npc (if you use my link it should be easier)

hey sgg are you good at skinning?

Great idea, If I have some spare time I might do that.

well, thats good news

and if you do this you would be credited with the first person to ever do a nearly accurated deadpool on gmod, ever

im serious

…i also wonder what a spiderman skin would look like on the crysis nanosuit…but ohwell you do it if you have some spare time

aside from jason’s new deadpool, can soemone try these reskins?

just a bump…any news dutch guy?