Deadpool ragdoll

Could some one make a Deadpool ragdoll and don’t give me any links to the gay ones on

theres always a mvc3 deadpool.

I really dont care I just really want an at least ok deadpool ragdoll because I am a fan of deadpool

He means that it´s the ONLY decent Deadpool right now…if you discard the other Marvel games models of Deadpool. I would like to see him, from MvC3, i use him just because it´s funny and troll every1 that understimate him. I support this

Actually i support a Decent deadpool ragdoll

Im currently having a guy make a model for spider-man skins, it doesnt take much to turn that spidey into deadpool.

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Model hack, to be accurate.

but is it bout that time we get the real deadpool model, sure the reskin have their joy of glory but comon, let’s get real here.


Well, i can have a guy add belts, pouches, sword holsters, and actual eyes if thats what you want.

Which is probably how it would be to begin with.

hey I’m not forcing the person, just saying it’s the time.

Well, other than the presumably unportable MUA2, and the cartoony MVC3, i dont see any other deadpool models.

The most accessible one it´s the one from MvC3, but for the problems, it seems that you extract the skeleton and model from the PS3 version AND the Textures have to be extracted from the 360 version, so it´s a complicated process.

I have a ps3 and I dont know how to do that wish I did (I dont have mvc3 either but I might be getting umvc3 in a couple weeks)

It’s actually mostly from the 360 version – model, diffuse texture, and normals texture. The PS3 version would be the one to grab the specular textures from, since the 360 ones are buggered up.

Found something

Its most likley not for gmod 99.99% sure


It is really good but like I said, I found it and I also dont have any of the software and shit to make ragdolls and or rip and port them.

I think that guy uses zbrush by the looks of it.

well if anyone can port from xnalara to gmod i have a model