Apparently umodel supports the game without needing gildor to update. Hope to see a decent Deadpool ragdoll for gmod.

I think the game just got released today, I doubt there will be any models for it soon, even if UModel supports it already. But I think there’s several Deadpool models out there already from other games.

I’d just like to stick my foot in the door and say that I will be working on Deadpool as soon as the models become available, I’ll also get Cable and Wolverine at least.

The models are available.

Hey I have Cable, Dead Pool, Rogue and Gambit 3d model with textures in obj. format if any one looking. How do post images here.

I just like to get my hands on DeathPool Death
or even Rogue DeadPool. :slight_smile:

oh my… I’m sure I have released 4 different versions of deadpool from marvel ultimate alliance… here:

I’d love to see “X-pals”, deadpool and Sinister models :wink:
oh yeah, and Death

Ported her from XNAlara.[/t][t]

I think it would be great if someone could get all the 3D models into a pack. Deadpool, Bosses, Enemies, etc.

What is this feeling? It is odd. I think it might be excitement for characters from this game. Characters who aren’t Deadpool, oddly enough.

Also, as a side note, Domino’s outfit in this, though pretty awesome looking, is also somewhat hilarious. She has a zipper for just her collar that ends at her cleave window. WTF?

I would use a meme to explain it but I don’t want a ban.

A little bit at a time, folks. Piles of requests aren’t good to have.

Pax - I agree with you. For me, Deadpool is only so-so. I don’t really like the whole “Merc witha Mouth” persona. However, the characters in this game are high quality. MUCH better than previous Marvel games. So it is nice to have decent models of Gambit and Cable finally.

Got his model into Source now. I’ll ask you guys when I should release it, I could release a basic one later today with just the basics and fingerposing, or I can release all the Deadpool costumes at once once they’re done, with the whole shebang.

Also the exponent texture is a bit fiddly so that’ll need to be fixed too at some point.

If you didn’t notice for whatever reason, his costume-less body is modelled underneath.

Might want to have that.

Yep, and all variants and costumes as well with unified face flexes. He’s got a surprising amount of bones for his face, so I’ll be sure to give him a lot of faceposing options.

Well I don’t mean already fixed up for posing, I meant raw 3D files from the game. I extracted all the files I could from Halo 4 in a matter of a couple days.

Oh, I see. Since I’m extracting all the files for Apoc to use, I can upload the PSK files of the characters and whatnot afterwards.

That would be great. Also anyone know how hard it is to get Deadpool’s dialogue?