Deagle logs - How do i change the background colors?

I have checked through most of the files but i do not really like the color of the background, what is the file that holds the rgb code that edits the background?

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  2. it’s in the derma skin (dlogs /lua/deaglelogs/vgui/skin.lua)

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where? i do not see anything else that i did not already change that says Color(255,255,255)

dLogs_PenguinTheme.FrameBackgorund = Color(224, 224, 224)

dLogs_PenguinTheme.Highlight = Color(200,200,200)

dLogs_PenguinTheme.Text = Color(0,0,0)

dLogs_PenguinTheme.Outline = Color(150, 150, 150)

Are the variable names not self explanatory? They seem pretty self explanatory to me.

the backgorund does not change the background only the border around the logs

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i am not an idiot i saw that it only changed the border around the actual logs

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