Deagle wordmodel invisible, and spams my console constantly

So I have been getting this weird error lately, that when a deagle worldmodel appears (as prop or weapon), on singleplayer or multiplayer, its invisible and my console gets spammed constantly with

Error Vertex File for 'weapons\w_pist_reagle.mdl' checksum 546133052 should be 574632322

It gets really annoying because it doesnt let me see whats going on in the console. Is there anyway to fix this without deleting the gmod folder and reinstalling it?

validate your counter strike source.

That doesnt seem to have fixed it sadly

have you got a custom deagle model? if you do, go into garrysmod/garrysmod/models/weapons and change reagle to deagle

if that doesn’t work, then you’ll just have to delete that file

if that doesn’t work then i’m out of ideas

I dont. Guess ill have to reinstall

Are you still having this problem?