Dear Ban Happy Facepunch Mods

Dear Facepunch Mods,

When users come to post about the suicide hack, much as I did, please don’t ban us. We’re trying to help.

You could come moderate and let us know we didn’t post it to the right forums but it doesn’t make sense to abuse your community with bans, especially for first time offense. You literally gave me a 3 day ban for asking for an official statement on the suicide hack. I was the first, if not one of the first to come to let you know it was a new thing and asking for an update. That is all. That should not be a ban.

On top of that your forums are not currently very intuitive and to be frank, look like something out of the late 1990s so how are we supposed to simply know where to post? In most other game communities general forums can and are used for EVERY topic at some point, its general, so long as it isn’t abusive posting or posting peoples personal information it should be OK to look for information or share information about your great game. Other community members will either ignore or update to help you out.

I’ve now seen you banning threads and users that are venting frustration and trying to help simply for posting threads in the wrong location or not being a topic you like. There is a way to deal with a community to do what you want and not rule it with an iron fist.

Please take this under consideration.


Uh we’re not gonna let people shit up the forums just so they can “vent frustration” lol. It’s stated very clearly in the rules sticky to use the hacks discussion thread to discuss hacks. If you want to know where to post, then read the rules. But regardless posting to only tell us people are hacking is totally useless. Cheats are sorted VAC, not hack reports.