dear ddoser

really you aren’t helping anything at all I am pretty sure the devs are aware of the hackers and tbh not allowing players to access servers is more toxic to people who actually want to test the game. I for 1 would rather them add more features and then fix the problem of hackers and it may just be a quick fix to get rid of the hackers which may be why its not a priority all in all this is getting rediculous.

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dear Gun Rellik

stop post and take a grammar class.

DDOS is not going to solve anything.

Team Fortress 2 server owners have their own seperate map and pay for their hosting. Rust will eventionally will give you the decision to kick, mute, and ban people.

Rust will NOT be a one size fit all. Once it is done, people will be able to host it like DayZ.

Of course, I am not a developer but my prediction could be right on track compared to players playing on GMod or Team Fortress 2.

You’re called ipod mini which is the dumbest username ever and “stop post and take a grammar class” isn’t grammatically correct neither moron…

The iPod mini was an actual product, you’re probably too young to remember it. And “neither” isn’t used in correct context in your sentence.

I’m not the one telling people to take grammar class aren’t I? Also, I’d have to be like 5 years old to not know what an Ipod mini is. Why am I arguing with this 12 years old again?

The smartness system was removed ages ago so please stop correcting each other’s grammar. This isn’t an english grammar forum section. Discuss Rust, not silly stuff like this.