Dear developer! My proposals to improve the balance.

Players who want to get quick recipes put sleeping bags near loot-zones. They learn recipes, die, come alive and so the circle. What is this game? Let use PVP (x10,X20) servers, not official. It is very upsets the balance, and especially the atmosphere of the game. Need to give limitations for the number of sleeping bags, or the opportunity to use them only in privatized territory.
I trust you will read and do something.
Anyway thank you for the wonderful game!

I don’t think requiring us to drop a TC before we can drop a sleeping bag is a good idea. Also, radiation is gone from vanilla, so if they’re dropping bags in case people kill them, the people killing them need to start hacking bags.

The developers are aware of this issue and are working on it. Also there have been many posts for this same idea.

Make sleeping bags a once time use, while beds are permanent.