Dear Developers: Some Quick Ideas <3

This is my first time on the forum so I hope Iv posted this to the right place, but here it is:
Rust is a fantastic game and the direction its going is awesome. If it please you mighty developers, as a humble naked, I was hoping you would take into consideration some possibilities for the future!

-Im sure im not alone in feeling as though there should be some sort of camouflage net system for hiding structures or traps or whatever else. I think bushes could be used as the primary resource for this as well as a possible food source (berries?). Additionally perhaps the addition of a sniper’s ghillie suit stemming from the same resources could be an option.

-Digging. Enough said. Im just playing, however, while Im sure this would be incredibly difficult to implement, the idea of tunneling under fortress walls, building a proper basement, burying a large treasure chest, or potentially building a tiger trap just sounds like far too much fun to leave out.

-The food system is nice, but doesnt seem to work as Im sure it is intended to. It just doesnt make sense to be able to eat 25 wolf steaks and not have to eat for a month unless it is to heal. While dealing with this will undoubtedly be a pain for players, Rust is after all a survival game. Therefore I propose simply reducing the total amount of food and water that can be stored from 1000 to something more realistic. Possibly 150-200? this would force players to worry more about survival and roam around in search of animals (which on that note are not very threatening in the least, and should maybe be strengthened).

-Ill leave this as a final thought as I dont want to take up too much of your time, but a buildable spotlight system would be amazing ^^

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, and I hope that you like these ideas. Also thank you for all the hard work you do for all of us lowly nakeds, it really does mean a whole lot.

I like your ideas! Specially the food one, i’d make it all alot more fun if food actually weren’t that easy to get to.

Food and water right now aren’t really a focus right now as its early alpha and there’s so much else to do and implement balancing them would be a bitch. I agree they should eventually be something you need to manage properly but right now there’s no point trying to balance them before other features are in (such as other food types and Maybe effects of eating too much). Camouflage I like the idea of and they have said they want to add customisation to buildings. If they add gillie suits please for the love of God make them fit. Full military style suits are in every survival game and I’d prefer something a bit more rustic.

As for digging, I like the idea but I expect it’d be a long way off. Maybe they could have it as a building structure that just puts a hole in the ground where you place it rather than free roam digging as that I think would require a lot of changes to the way the map works atm.

Spotlights I expect will come later when they add electricity and stuff, I’m sure that would be fairly easy to do and it would be awesome to have!

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I like your ideas! Specially the food one, i’d make it all alot more fun if food actually weren’t that easy to get to.[/QUOT

Go play farmville!