Dear devs: please add a quick info for players who connect to experimental on the loading screen


f3 for 3rd person
no there is no sound
yes we are aware that in 3rd person you can still see your hands
left mouseclick to wake up

and so on XD the chat is really getting repetetive

Sincerly yours

Keep up the good work

why would they do that when, im sure sound will come back pretty soon, im sure any key will make you wake up, and 3rd person in future you won’t see hands.

I’d rather them just work on the experimental branch than take time to make a new loading screen for things that are just going to get fixed/changed.

Check out the Garry’s Week Trello card. ATM it’s a good indicator of how the exp branch is coming.

Did you know that there’s now a changelog, in the form of an HTML file, in the Rust directory, with every new patch?

It’s already there.

Also, there’s no need to sign your posts; these aren’t letters you put postage on.

SInce I started with Dear devs I thought it would be a proper ending :wink: and yes I know that the notes exist but apparently most players choose not to read them.

The thing is that they don’t really care whether people know how to play the experimental branch.
Because they don’t need to.

If you can’t be bothered to read patch notes, you deserve to be confused and not entertained when you join the experimental branch with no idea what’s going on.

The less time people like that spend on experimental, the better, because people who actually want to get something productive done will have less distractions by idiots. And that’s why the chat is so repetitive.

The big flaw of Early Access is not low quality control, although that is a problem, but that players have no comprehension of what extra demands alpha software has on the user: Reading patch notes, being tolerant of bugs and crashes, and having the patience to wait for content patches because the game is wholly unfinished and is a year or two out from launching at a 1.0 status.

If you don’t read, you’re opting to go on instinct, and you’ll get what’s coming to you.