Dear FacePunch:

Hello Guys and Girls out there!

I’m a normal gamer just like everyone else and I have a Steam Account.
I’m not that old so I don’t have a work yet, which means that I can’t earn my own money.
I’ve seen and heard about the Early Access game “RUST”, I’ve watched gameplays for hours,
been searching and reading about it, and it seems very, and then I mean, very fun!

The thing is: I’ve only got 11’Euro on my account, and the game costs about 18’Euro.
This means that I can’t afford the game, because I had around 18’Euro but steam only allows 5,10,20 + euro to be purchased.
So this means that I can’t afford the game:
Neither I, my friends, and a lot of people out there; So my question is;

Would you, for hundreds of people, make a 70% OFF Sale?
I’m just asking; Will there be any SALE on the game “RUST” or not?

Love, Max.

Just save for a little longer, that’s all you really need to do…