Dear Garry, building the stairway to raidsville

Dear Garry,

24 hours I’ve played rust for now and for the time I’ve out put into it I have nothing to show.

I’ve made two bases so far and both have been raided due to the abilities of players being able to build unrealistic steps up and over walls and onto roofs.

I don’t have the time to keep restarting to keep losing it all to more advanced players this way.

Another view also is, that the guns are fine as much as I’ve read on reddit of people hating on the guns… I don’t think you should remove them as such but give the servers and players the opportunity to have guns in their games or not.

Just my new experienced mind at rust having a shout out.

Then come back when the game isn’t alpha. Or learn how to build defensively.

Well it was only admitted that modern weapons will be removed at some point not all. From what I can tell you are angry tat your bases are being raided easily and somewhere there was a thread saying that traps will be included to make some challenge for the raiders. All in all as far as Alpha version goes there is nothing to show for anyhow since I am 1000% sure there will be wipes, there will be changes there will be some stuff that is un-expected…

By all mean GL and HF but… ALPHA

bases are made to be raided. It is what the game is all about. Getting your stuff taken and taking other peoples stuff.

Sounds like the game is not for you if you dont have time to keep collecting new stuff.

What do you want? A base that cannot be raided so you can horde stuff for years to come with no chance of losing it? Totally stupid game if that was the case.

One way to significantly hamper the ability of your enemies to raid your base is to set it up in an out of the way location that people will not randomly happen upon. Sure, you won’t have the ability to raid Rad towns on a regular basis if you set up east of Hacker Mountain South, but the chances of people accidentally finding your base while out gathering resources is severely reduced. The north side of Portugal Mountain up around Sweden is usually no man’s land, and can make a fairly safe home that isn’t too far off the beaten path. Setting up in Resource Valley or even Hacker Valley on the other hand means you’ll typically have several people (depending on server population) who know there’s a new potential target for raiding in less than 24 hours.

I agree that placing foundations randomly and making your base look like rubbish is annoying, but I disagree about the military weapons. They should be super rare end game drops. Not craft able.

Sounds like alpha gameplay isn’t for you.

This very moment I’m naked and holding a rock… The game is for me.

As I said I’m only saying what I’ve seen and experienced as I know it’s alpha I wanted to express that not everyone hates the guns and that while yes base raiding is what the game is about for some it shouldn’t be as easy as making a few step that would never balance in the real world… It’s a game I know but my logic in building a base would be fine if not for it.
C4 is how you raid a base.

Yes rare and not craft able is fine.

your right it would be easier in real life, you wouldn’t have to build stairs you could build a ladder and use a sledge hammer instead of explosives to get through the wall. So lets keep the realism talk out of the video game talk.