Dear Garry Newman

i was once playing garrysmod one day only to find out that all of my tools we’re gone, i checked under tabs and nothing, also my camera and toolgun (which is nameless for some odd reason) appear in the first weapons tab and instead of them being named toolgun and camera they were named print name. Now everything works just fine exept the toolgun and camera, as well as the missing grey tool tabs, i tried uninstalling and reinstalling, tried validating the game cache file,tried re-installing steam and so far nothing worked, so one of my friends a.k.a. Flipswitch3111 said to ask you for help, so if you can help me or anyone else here can help,please write a solution, thanks for your co-operation


p.s. heres some screenshots of what’s happening

(User was banned for this post ("undescriptive thread title" - postal))

I highly doubt Garry Newman himself will help you directly. But I’m sure others on the forum will, I’m not sure of the problem’s solution, but good luck.

I don’t think Garry is going to respond to this. Although I’m not sure this is the problem, try getting rid of some addons. You have so many, they could possibly be causing some problems.

Yep it’s too many addons, remove a few. I had the same problem.