Dear Garry, reporting a StackOverflowException error that crashes servers.

Dear Garry,
Good job on the game so far having a lot of fun, Just writing this to tell you that we have discovered a server crashing error that has caused us to twice lose buildings that have taken 3-4 days to build and a lot of resources, (4 roughly million wood and 3 million stone).

We think that it may have to do with building parts that have no support, because currently the triangle floor once its attached to a wall it can be built off ground without support many times. To duplicate this error try building a large foundation floor with triangle foundations then place pillars, place triangle floors on top of pillars, run through it and start demolishing pillars, this should duplicate the error and crash the server.

When this error happens it floods the Server Exception log with the following,

StackOverflowException: The requested operation caused a stack overflow.
BuildingBlock+Support.Update (Boolean forced)
BuildingBlock.UpdateSupports (Boolean forceUpdate)
BuildingBlock.DistanceFromGround ()

This stops anyone from accessing the server, and the only way to access the server is to wipe it. I think this is about the 4th time we have experienced it, and it may only happen when there are big builds, we’re not sure, but we are pretty sure it has to do with building parts not getting support like the example mentioned earlier.

The following link is an error feedback from the server owner, with a log file attatchment.

thanks for your time.

Grym Thor, The Rock God and Thor Axe- The Impaler.

From oxide a Plugin Developer posted à workaround:

with visual studio you’ll get editbin.exe (useable from visual studio commandline) and then just run:

editbin.exe /stack:8388608 RustDedicated.exe

default stack size is 1M, this command sets it to 8M, but it can be that you’ll need more, i’ve increased it in 1M steps until error was gone…

Feb 5, 2015

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And yes we did some testings, éven if you have 1 huge house this error Will occur,
Where as if you have billions of small houses it won’t occure.
This bug has been Well known for quite some time,
Personnaly it happens to me every game updates ^^, but thank god it can easily be fixed :wink:

So if we changed the default stack size to 8m or more we should be able to get back into the server and we wont need to wipe?

Yes éven 2 or more, but i guess 8 is too be sûre not to be bothered

Do you have a link to the Oxide Dev who posted the work around, we’re having a bit of trouble getting it to work, it seems we need another plugin and we cant copy the exe from the server.

Try this one ( ) Modded exe.

there are already 4 page discussion about this issue

we stop managing server until this problem solved bc there is no way to play with this bug

it cause to wipe server, after reach the save file size 4mb

Yeah i know I’ve been posting there as well since they seemed to have a solution but i was hoping to get Garry’s attention, and hope he could put a fix for us ALL. It’s been going on for far too long.

Since december we are trying to get his attention for this but despite there are several update released non of them realted with this issue. actually this is most important problem in game but they dont care a lot.

Because of weekly updates, we need to wipe server every week or 2 but what will be happen later?

should we keep map 2000x2000 with max player 20 for survive till next update?

actually I do not understand this visual studio thing - why we should do it? why they do not release the fixed new .exe in regular updates?

I search my server file but can not find .exe file at all

we spend money for game + we spend for server hire but they are ignoring our request which is not extra stuff request just asking to fix the problem.

that is why we stop playing + managing server until this idiot problem solved because there is no way to play under this circumstances!

I understand, and agree with you we just have to keep pushing until something is done. Keep this post of the first page at all times.

keep resume talking about it then it will be stay top

Go here and rank up the bug report, that might help as well

I am sure that; most of the admin does not aware about the problem. they dont understand why their server crashed. this is really important problem because only solution is wipe the server

it’s happen to me 4 times

There is no solution even make the server.stability false

it’s about the item number in your server which cause huge save file

If your save file reaches 4mb or more (at the same time ram usage reach 2gb or more) and that time; you will start to face problems with day/night cycle - then you will restart the server for solve the problem but that is the wrong idea!!

IF you restart, it will never work again.

Before restart, you should check your logs for error and try to find huge complex which cause this error and remove that house before save and restart but probably you will not able to find any error :slight_smile:

This is biggest rust bug (ie. half open doors and dissapeared chat messages not important near this bug)

As I know that; a lot of bug fixed for new update but stack over flow error not fixed yet!

Ps: small map and/or make the server.stability false does not solution. It will just cause another problems i.e. easy raid and boring game

until fix this problem, there is no way to keep resume playing bc server gonna be crash in couple of days anyway

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doing now with out friends

That’s pretty much been our experience, the stability fix doesn’t work, making the map small doesn’t work either because its happened twice on small maps.

This needs to be fixed if they want servers to be able to handle larger numbers of players otherwise the server will crash a lot faster than normal.

We’re still trying to figure out the Visual Studio coding fix.

I just create post there with your report and mine

visit and vote it pls


Oh man I heard about this happening just before the Blueprint patch came out… Im not sure if anyone but the server owners/admins knew this was happening. I thought it got fixed. Voted up issue, I hope they can get it sorted for you guys.

I’d love it if they fixed it them i continue on building and not worry I’m gonna lose three days of hard work.

There are multiple solutions , just go on the post from oxide, everything is explained

ITs happening again!!! wiped my server yesterday after the uptade and now i have this:

[2/27/2015 10:26:59 AM] CALCULATING CHECKSUM 00:00:01.0599545
[2/27/2015 10:27:00 AM] APPLYING HEIGHT MAP 00:00:01.0155825
[2/27/2015 10:27:06 AM] RAYCASTING NORMAL MAP 00:00:05.9985868
[2/27/2015 10:27:06 AM] GENERATING TEXTURES 00:00:00.0000701
[2/27/2015 10:27:06 AM] INITIALIZING PVT 00:00:00.0002360
[2/27/2015 10:27:13 AM] AngryAnt Behave version 2.5 (d859964) - Copyright © Emil Johansen - AngryAnt 2015
[2/27/2015 10:27:14 AM] SPAWNING RESOURCES 00:00:08.1384657
[2/27/2015 10:27:14 AM] Done!
[2/27/2015 10:27:14 AM] Loading Save From server/vserver/save/Procedural Map_5000_2107118848/0.sav
[2/27/2015 10:27:32 AM] Destroyed 13190 old entities
[2/27/2015 10:27:32 AM] Creating 35265 entities from save
[2/27/2015 10:27:35 AM] Spawning 35265 entities
[2/27/2015 10:27:37 AM] Spawned 15473/35265
[2/27/2015 10:27:39 AM] Spawned 26239/35265
[2/27/2015 10:27:41 AM] Loading Complete
[2/27/2015 10:27:41 AM] Stability Warmup
[2/27/2015 10:27:41 AM] 17580 blocks found
[2/27/2015 10:27:41 AM] Updating Supports Pass 1 of 8
[2/27/2015 10:27:41 AM] StackOverflowException: The requested operation caused a stack overflow.