Dear Garry, Rust Suggestions

Dear Garry (I hope you read this, or someone else from the devteam),

This is a pure suggestion: the moment someone spawns and comes to life, is afraid of other people. Why? Because you will be killed right at the moment you meet another player (there are exceptions ofcourse). Why? Human nature I guess? I WANT HIS LOOT!!. Couldn’t you guys make a better gamesetting where nature is your worst enemy? A setting where you will be HAPPY to see another player, to help you. A setting where trading and economy is a big part of the game and killing another player is a big crime. A setting where towns rise, where people create there own quests, where players rule over other players (and decide to be kind to their people, OR EVIL >:) (By asking high taxes, gnegne…)). Decisions, decisions, decisions. Politics, trading, economy, building, crime, etc. etc. That would be alot cooler then the original setting (not that I am unhappy with the game, It’s awesome!). The game is too easy right now: Spawn > Collect Recources > Build your mansion with a lock > Gather some more stuff to deposit in your crates so you can hold out forever > KILL OTHER PEOPLE (Cause theres nothing else to do anymore)…

Some simple things: You cut a tree, wood appears in your inventory while you don’t got a bag… You don’t even carry your loot. It would be alot cooler to carry wood on your back, carry it to your plot, build your farm, house, whatever you can think off.

I have alot more suggestions, all to expend the idea explained above, but it will be a sort of book then. Conclusion for now: the multiplayer aspect of this game should be alot bigger…

Hope you find yourself in this suggestion.



PS: (Sorry for the English, I’m Dutch :-))

The short answer: It is still very early in development. Keep an eye out on the Trello Rust development queue.

Dear garry. Please disregard the above suggestions!

Please better construct your “idea” before posting, cause it’s a mess to read…

Why do you want to force the game to have special “settings” that avoid people to kill or be killed? you want less freedom to limit people to only build and get resources and trade… but no more enemy, so no more competition, no more stimulation and no more goal… it’s the best idea to have a boring game!!! Currently Rust is powerful because it lets everything possible, players are free, they can chose to kill and steal to survive or to group and help each other to win against over-powered players. It already offers possibility for people to build villages, cities, make rules, trade and defend against enemies.** If there are not yet big cities like New-York in Rust it’s only because servers cannot manage thousands (millions) players on the same map…** There already are villages with 250 peoples on the map so imagine with millions…

Yes but you would have to spend 3 real days to build a 1x1m house… and you will be killed before to finish it! It’s better to have high capacity to carry resources and to build very fast (even if it’s not realistic) in order to have more time for more interesting tasks (explore for resources, spy, steal, build weapons, defend your base, trade,…)

It think you mean “cooperative” aspect, so it’s up to you to look for people to do alliance and build village together…

Don’t jump on the guy so quickly…

I think his point about nature being the initial enemy is a valid one, as opposed to being afraid of full kevs above all else.

Can fear of the environment be the motive for team building, as opposed to fear of other players?

Making nature much more deadly in the game would be interesting. I know that they want no artificial incentives to help/ kill etc. But how about the full kevlar guy not just cruising around to kill new spawns because a pack of 20 wolves might tear his ass apart, or he will freeze if caught in a snow storm. In fact, if the full kev finds a new spawn, he might HAVE to ask the guy to help gather enough wood to build a shelter quickly enough if a snow storm is coming. Or give the guy a hatchet to fight off the approaching wolf pack. Or he might have an injured leg (no run for 5 mins) and call the new spawn over to defend him.

love all of this as it gives a different focus to the game than raiding/greifing builders, and returns it to surviving. personally an advocate for increasing the lethality of the environment and wildlife; to me if this is done correctly, there is no need for further NPCs than normal animals and RAD animals. in addition to the more realistic representations of the dangers of wildlife and exposure, players may need to team up to retake hostile areas, or get a decent shelter up to protect them from the cold if they don’t have the gear to compensate.

if animals are harder to take, and yield less meat, food becomes more scarce.

make it harder to settle. first tier shelter could be a tent made of hide and sticks, that a single person can get up with a little work. make trees yield less wood, or wooden building parts cost more to generate so players can only build small places by themselves. make those components much harder to break to make it worthwhile to build at all. have the night anywhere make you cold as it used to, but have any shelter(tent, foundation with a roof panel above it)will protect you from that exposure.

remove set respawn, and hope that servers can hold 100-200 people so real communities can form without too much lag.

all these things make sense to me; people will be trying too hard to survive to bother going house to house to raid and the game will move away from KOS. that said, we need to forget the idea that this game will ever have no KOS, it is a part of human nature to fuck with people.