Dear Garry,

Hello Garry, I would like to report a bug what crashes servers this works on current garry’s mod and 13 beta.

Please post so I can PM you the exploit so people can not see it and use it.

(User was banned for this post ("Cliffhanger thread title, wrong section, doesn't care either - nice!" - Gran PC))

This does not belong here.

Idc where it goes as long as it gets seen / fixed

That’s not a good attitude. He’s less likely to notice if it’s in this section, and acting like that is dumb.

If it’s in the wrong section it won’t be seen or fixed.


Look, Garry’s Mod is a buggy game. It’s something you’ve got to live with, no matter what. If you can get past the bugs, it really is a creative fun to play game.