"Dear God my fingers hurt" AKA Hunter did a pose on a track pad

Just thought I’d see if I could put something half decent together on my shitty laptop.


I present you the pioneer of experimental posing techniques: Mr. Hunterdnrc.

How long did that take ye?

track pad? you mean the laptop mouse pad thingy?

do one with a Steel Battalion controller

To think that every single button in that thing does something, and you actually need to use the eject button or face losing your save…

About an hour.

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The blurring on the Garand is too sharp and you missed some spots. The rest is nicer though, one of your better ones I think

I feel awfully guilty when I give constructive criticism, but, the blood splatter.

The MP40 on the bar indicates Jerry was standing up when he was shot.

However, the placement of the wound compared to the blood splatter suggests he was sitting down. As otherwise it’d be located just above the bar.

Am I misreading this scene or did I just successfully provide feedback on something for the first time?

It looks to me like he was shot in the chest, fell down, and was then shot in the neck, producing the splatter.