Dear Rust Admin

Dear Rust Admin ,

Im playing in the server UK3 (stress test ) official server. At the moment is unplayable because of the known suicide hack. I checked around on the interent, and found that we could do a command that there will be no fall damage (falldamage.enabled false). I know for sure that you are very busy, to develope the game, but with those suicide bug, it makes the player not able to farm and stay at their house fearing to go out to farm. And that makes the players boring to continue to play. Would you be so kind and try the command and see if that would change something. Or maybe could disable this suicide function and put an item in the inventory, so that if we use this item, then we will die. I will be glad that I could get a feedback about this.

Kind regards,

devs are the only admins on the official servers and yes they do know about the current death hack, but it is an alpha and they dont have the hacking defenses on their priority atm, if you are annoyed by this then take a break from the game as i have done for many months

I get what you mean. But if we only could disable this option about suicide. it will make our life a lot easier. about the speedhack problem etc. It’s just that this suicide problem that annoys all the player, if the hacker stays next to your house, you can’t even spawn… We all know that this is not we can’t never stop hackers. But with this problem, more and more player will leave for the offical server, and therefore none will play on the official server anymore.

But can he not try this things maybe ?

That waste not much time

Thank you for your reply

Try a private server with admins that care. I left the official servers, and won’t be going back anytime soon.

Search yourself a nice community server :slight_smile:
You can join us, still spots left :wink:

I don’t know why anybody even bothers to play on official servers.

They are lag nightmares and hacker havens.