Dear Server Admins, quick questions from a new server owner

How did you managed to get your server “out there” and have players playing? I’ve advertised on multiple rust related sites along with other gaming sites, done giveaways, offered free rust keys to anyone who refers ten players. Even after doing all of this I still only have about two players online at all times out of fifty.

Good question.

I think it boils down to time. Just having it up long enough that slowly, but surely, more people make it their home. Just be a fair admin that doesn’t abuse admin commands, such as giving yourself a giant fortress with weapons out the ass while raiding others for shits and giggles.

The big thing that helped me (i get around 16 players) was having the server reset date in its name. New players want a new server imo.

I know 16 isnt a lot, but im in Australia and only advertised it here.

A few things will help you…

  1. Be quick on updating your server. If your server is one of the first to update, then people will come to your server quick because of the small selection of possible servers.

  2. Don’t abuse your admin powers. Only use them to help people having problems in-game (stuck in a wall/hole/etc)

  3. Be honest and fair

  4. Build relationships to players on your server and be friendly.

I don’t think many people check advertisements. I know I wouldn’t if I was going to play on a random server. It’s all in the name of your server and how you go about running it. Good luck!

We get like 25-30 players this time of the day, and in the evening we hit a 100 (Our max).
Not sure why, but people seem to like the staff we have.

It’s mostly, luck, updating and talking with people.

A few things will help you for this.

  1. Friends who advertise by word of mouth is obviously the best way, because it normally yields you long term players that come back again.
  2. Updating the server to the current version as soon as possible. Especially after an update new and old players look for an updated server when there is no other online or at the latest version
  3. Keeping a balance between regular map wipes and not wiping too often. Players want a more or less stable environment. This is easier achieved with having less players obviously, the more players you get, the more often the map gets cluttered to the point where a wipe gets necessary. The current map is actually unlikely to support more than 20-30 online players at the same moment for any reasonable amount of time.
  4. Friendly communities are harder to manage but normally keep players around for longer, make it easier to have a stable playerbase. Keeping players out that contribute nothing but swear words and racial slurs will likely give you a harder time in the beginning, but make it easier for long time players to stay and enjoy the server.