Deate Note ragdolls -I WANT-

I’ve been looking and I can find anything that comes close Death Note style ragdolls, not even skins, so I ask, could someone please put in some time and make atleast a Death Note styled skin?
I would appreciate it.

I want Light Yagami and L


First of all, put this in the request sub-forum next time. Secondly, users don’t generally sign their posts, and if users were to do so then it would be frowned upon. Things like this happens a dime a dozen, so maybe you should lurk some more around here.

Also most people on this forum hate anime.

I want to be Like Eddie van halen, But that ain’t happening.

I don’t think there was a Death note game Released because i ain’t heard of one and i doubt someone would make the models from scratch.

Ok then, I’ll keep looking.