Death and items

I have an idea to help with KOS and with noobs losing all their stuff. When your just running around survivng and a player kills you you only lose your most valuable item for example m4 and some kevlar armor but your resources stay with you. However if you kill another player then you have the status of murderer and if another player kills you within a certain timeframe you will lose everything. That way people who go around killing people wont get as much stuff and they have the chance of losing everything they have and the cycle continues. and this way noobs can actually have a chance to progress instead of having to start from scratch every 10 minutes.

that’s a good idea but its quite unfair as this game is about PvP and your idea negates the seriousness of this, not slating your idea though

Nope, part of killing is for resources

If you get killed by wild animals/zombies you still lose all of your items. It would mainly be for the new players and it would also encourage players to be more friendly to each other. Personally i hate it when my base gets raided and they take all my stuff and even if i log out while they’re doing it then log back in a few days later i’m locked in a room with metal doors and no c4.

That would take away the hard aspect of this game, you wouldn’t be worried as much as you normally would. It would also take away some the realism.

sounds like something out of runescape