Death Bug

For some odd reason, except when I suicide, after I die I just lay on the floor and I can’t do anything. There are no death messages and it won’t show the option to respawn. In order to correctly respawn, I have to disconnect from the server and then reconnect. It’s very annoying, and I have no clue why it has been doing this lately. I believe it started yesterday for me, and the past week there haven’t been any issues. Thanks to those who respond :slight_smile:

Interesting, not sure what would cause this…
If you haven’t already, in Steam do the Verify Game Cache or w/e and make sure that you don’t have any messed up shiz.

I just got an update so I’m going to download it and see if that will fix it

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Update didn’t fix anything

This happens to me when I die a few times in quick succession. For example, I suicide a few times to spawn at the right sleeping bag and after a few tries, the respawn screen doesn’t show up and I just keep falling through the ground; or I get killed by a zombie and then respawn to find a bullet has entered my body before I can even move, then another one quickly kills me and causes the bug.

Agreed. Happens to me a lot when dying in quick succession.