Death "Clean"

Dead “Clean” xd

image looks a bit smashed side to side, also i wouldnt use smilies like xd here.

I suggest not using emotes like “XD” here.


Image looks good OP, I like the concept but it does look smashed, like the first poster said.

Yea sorry for el “XD” , gladly accept their criticism and suggestions.

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Someone can tell me for that appears squashed?, I am new to the forum.

It looks as if the image is distorted, everything being slimmer than they should be. The overall quality of the image is low, you should always remember to set the screenshot quality to max and all graphic options to the highest. Practice your postprocessing, like your Super DoF. ( Keep in mind that super DoF won’t work on some computers with multi-core rendering turned on. ) The posing itself needs tweaking, if you use the regular Team Fortress 2 models for posing, then I suggest you use these: Ragdolls with physics enhancements. Work on your posing, your lighting and spend some more time on your work and you’ll do good!