Death could have more consequences.

Consider the following.

You go out for a day of hunting bears and wolfs. Run out into a field from behind some rocks and you run straight into 3 wolfs. You miss your shots, they kill you. No big deal, you run back out naked and collect all your stuff. (Same as with falling to your death.)


You go out for a day of gathering resources. About ten minutes in you see 3 guys in full kev and M4 running straight at you. After about a 10 second fight you manage to kill one of them before they kill you, nice job! But that does not matter because they get all your stuff and collect the stuff for the guy you killed.

Within these scenarios there is no consequence to death. You either just run back to get your stuff or the kev gang recovers their buddies stuff and gives it back. There could be more of a consequence to death in the game.

Towards that end I would love to see some type of death penalty system put into place. Something like upon death X% of items in your inventory (at random) are destroyed. So that even if you get back to your backpack you have lost items. Or the kev that you kill looses some of his items, he did die after all.

I think if such a penalty was put into place it would have to consider destroying ALL items of a particular name as a single target. To prevent someone from putting 20 Cans of Tuna in single piles.

This could also have the impact of actually controlling the amount of things on a server, eventually making the rare stuff rare and precious. As well as provide less of an incentive for roaming bands of death squads. Notice I said less of an incentive, there will always be some incentive to kill your neighbor in this game.

Consider and discuss.


I think they’re implementing durability for weapons and armor. The way it operates may help achieve these ends without too much hinderance and inconvenience. I feel that random backpack removal may be overly controversial.

I agree under certain circumstances. Don’t make it random, make it depend on what killed you.

A bear? 90% of your bag is in pieces, good luck finding anything useful.

A man with a gun? everything would more than likely remain intact.

This would be a good, sensible feature if applied in a good, sensible method.

I like this penalty, makes death much more costly and irritating. People will avoid it all costs.

This however has no use to me, since I’m a noob, and I’ve never been able to relocate my gear after I die :stuck_out_tongue:

i think i have a solution for that its called Dayz.

I heard about the durability on items as well. I think that is a good idea.

However, depending on how/if it is implemented it may not go far enough. But then it might.

I like the loss of items upon death, seems realistic. You get shot up and killed, or fall to your death some of the things you carry around could be destroyed.

I know I would not want a kev helm with a big bullet hole in it. LOL.

Well the game is this so-called survival game, yet we always seem to be pretending we don’t notice the fact that you have an unlimited number of lives.(surviving is moot when you have infinite lives)

So some people like the harshness of Rust atm, but undoubtedly, many less would enjoy the harshness of only 1 life, and understandably so.

So unlimited lives, but maybe some other method to make surviving more important?

I mean really, the game right now… surviving isn’t important at all. Killing other players and enjoying their grief, and stroking your epeen is all that’s important in Rust.

I mean the idea, I think, may have started out something like … “sometimes you may have to kill, in order to survive” Yeah, awesome, I think most players agree, and like that idea.

However it simply isn’t working out like that in Rust thus far.

Really what sold most people on the idea of this game? (myself included) The first 30 minutes or so that we saw.
Mankind, harnessing a rock and building a fire, hunting a pig and making it through the night without starving or dying of cold.

Then you get into game and “WHOOPSIES!” a half dozen guys run by you yelling obscenities and kill you just because they can, zero consequences. heyyy, this isn’t quite how we imagined surviving.

We know by our real lives that many people, if they CAN do something that benefits them, and not get caught, then they will do it; regardless of if it’s illegal, immoral, or unethical.

I’m fine with items degrading on hit but not an instant destruction of items on death, I believe it would ruin the economy of your items. Some deaths by bears, wolfs, and future NPCS would be rather frustrating.

This pretty much sums up Rust. Currently this game is broke, only people who cherish their epeen enjoy it. People looking for a survival experience are frustrated and baffled by other peoples behavoir.

The other day a kid gives me armor and some food. I say “thank you” and start to walk away. He chases me down and says “on second thought you are my prisoner, come with me”. So I comply thinking this might actually be interesting. He then turns around and says “Aww fuck it” pop! pop! pop! and I’m dead.

That first interaction while carebear was a good interaction for a survial game. The second part of him taking me prisoner could make for a very interesting survival game experience. But when a player as no reason to not just say screw it and shoot you in the face. It is no longer about survival it’s about a gear check. A survival game should not be about a gear check when interacting with other players. It should be about the interaction between players. How to reward and/or punish those interactions is beyond me. It’s beyond facepunch I think, this is really a new genre of game imo. I just hope they figure it out and make this game more about rocks and campfires and less about grief and guns. (but don’t get rid of grief and guns either!)

Cost of Death

It is still a game - but if death leads to some loss or consequences, this will change the characteristics of the playing style.
Lets have a look on different scenarios:

  1. you are killed by a wolf
  • happened because you acted without the needed concentration
  • your equipment might not be so powerful
  • skills, eg bow or gun to be improved
    –> lose 50% of your bad or average equipment. On the other side, its not such a big loss, because you were not prepared and you are may be far away from your spawn point, so getting your stuff normaly back has some risk, that another player take it before.
  1. you are killed in your home base
  • you loose only 25% cause you r at home (bonus) and this is some kind of advantage for your stuff. If u are still separated from the attackers you will get your 75% usually back.
  1. beeing an attacker of a home base
  • you loose 50% cause not at your home base
  • that hurts - because you loose valuable equipment
  • so some defensive kills have a big impact for the attackers, even if the alive guys take the 50% stuff from the dead. They have to share weapons and ammo if they want to continue the attack
  • will slow down the attack
  1. beeing killed on the road by another player
  • you loose 50% cause not at home base
  • this hurts, but a little more for the attacker, because the kill was only 50% as valuable as usual
  • for you as killed person it make no difference. Usually you don’t get things back after been looted.

–> to sum it up - everybody will get some more cautios, because life is more valuable and killing another is less rewarded.
If getting killed - no scenario has a real big effect on you.
For the attackers - killing s.o. is more risky at leads to less rewards.

Survival is still survival if you protect you’re fortress with an M4 or kill a pig with a stone. Don’t protect you’re shit get killed and raided while you sleep…

On the death penalty,

I think it should be more depending on wich lvl you play.
If you’re a guy with full Kevlar and M4 you should probebly lose more then a guy with just a cloth pence, and a bag full of resources he painstakingly gather.

More often that not players lose all their gear because sacks don’t stay on the ground more than a few minutes, so to be lucky enough to actually get back to where you were might break the game if stuff is randomly gone. I don’t know if admins can set by timer how long a sack remains on the ground that a player drops (it seems they can but idk 4 sure).

As it is, if something is missing, you know someone took it, whoever killed you or who happened to pass and see your gear. I like the idea that items created are “somewhere”. A tag on a gun (in the pop-up info box) might be cool: “Made by So-n-so”

I do like the idea of durability, how that would be implemented is something to think about (limited use? timer? maintenance/repair?)

I agree that once you can craft anything and have stores enough to go Meh, whatever I lose I can recraft when I respawn at camp… then death is of no consequence at all really, but for a freshie with a shotgun, which he can’t replace by crafting, then that is consequence enough I think to die and lose that weapon.

If a penalty were higher for players able to craft more or who own more or have the best gear, then there might not be much motivation to gear up, if one has limited time/stores/crafting knowledge.

I did have the thought of a one death or a limited number of deaths and you’re out of the server (or for a while) - be pretty cool to rule! Might make a good insta/perma-death admin option for the odd server to run(?)

I agree, but when one guy sticks around to have a shoot out verses 3 guys in kev with M4’s, he doesn’t seem to realize the odds are against him. The other guy had friends with him, why shouldn’t. He get his gear back? Especially when it was 3 on 1. The option to run and lose them was there and no one would have lost anything.

Ha… If you carry C4/grenades in your backpack an accidental shot could wipe you and your items + guy with shotguns from close range could get killed off… would put some drama :slight_smile:

I think this would work with durability of armour. After being shot at your armour weakens until you repair it.