Death Egg Robot

[Release]Right out of Sonic 4 comes the Death Egg robot! Now you’re in control of the very Robot that made Sonic 2 Frustrating all those years ago.

Comes in Sonic 4 and Sonic 2 style.

Eggomatic hovercraft included. [/release]


Would you mind telling me the map you used for the second screenshot?

Oh god the memories of this guy in Sonic 2 kicking my ass.
May have to download this!

Really good models. But for some reason, it comes out shiny and ultra reflective, Like it just grabbed a metal cap from Mario 64 or something.

Urgh, Why did you use Envmaps? They’re ewwy.

I think that’s e3_strider or something along those lines.

That is actually e3_c17_02

e3_c17_02 It’s from missing information and HL2 Beta.

Leak, Dammet. It’s the LEAK. Not the Beta. Beta implies it was in a playable format with few bugs and ready to release. It was very far from release.

Beta does not imply ready for release last I checked. Ever hear of Sonic 2 Beta? That version of the game with Hidden Palace zone? That was not ready for release at all.

It’s still a leak, Not a beta, Beta also implies it’s a test/pre-release version, the Leak is neither, It’s literally the junk and overflow of valve’s creative soup kitchen.

either way.

Anyway, I have just now uploaded a no env map version of the Death Egg robot.

Use Phong, if you do it right it makes it look much better

doesnt matter sorted it

Envmaps can look amazing if used correctly, and in conjunction with a spec map and/or phong.

can you reupload this to media fire or something i have a pirated version gmod

(User was permabanned for this post ("Pirated Gmod" - verynicelady))

Seriously though, no. Buy the game you cheapskate.

here you go


i think before you call me an idiot for giving him the file you should take two seconds to check inside the folder
because it’s not there