Death in Rapture

-There was supposed to be someone standing over the splicer with a revolver, garrysmod crashed shortly after taking the above screenshot
-Original is here
-I tried to get the lighting effect caused by many of Rapture’s windows, let me know if it worked out or not.
-Does the blood need more detail?
-Also, I forgot to add [Bioshock] to the end of the thread title, I hope it’s descriptive enough as is.

Nicely done.

The blood looks very 2D at his hand

The blood needs work to make it look 3D, not sure how.

The screenshot as a whole is good though.

the window looks a lot like a poster. other than that, I like it.

Fine job

There’s a thing sticking out on the right side

Yes there is.

Edit: huzzah, my first artistic rating. =)

What is the thing sticking out of the wall?

Why did I :lol:?

Awesome. Have a

what thing?

Artisitic, but the window looks a bit weird. You’d think a more secure looking window would be there.

Looks amazing!

Actually I just finished playing some Bioshock on the 360.