"Death is horrible" - (dead guy with a lot of gore)


CLICK HERE FOR SUM GOOD HD](http://uppix.net/e/c/f/237e9d3d3499c45ffd9b6a6ad05a5.jpg)


Took me 1 day and a half… let’s say about 8 hours.
Original :


Awesome use of blur, and nice pose.
Also editing looks great, some rain collision on the soldier’s body would have been great.
Nice lights also :slight_smile:

Damn good edit mate.

Amazing lighting and gore. Rain isn’t perfect and some more splashes would be nice but it doesn’t matter because everything else is so damn good.

not gonna lie, probably the best thing i’ve seen yet.

The rain needs depth of field.

Link to the model?

“You’ve got red on you.”

Excellent work. Think it needs more pools of blood and entrails, maybe blood from the mouth, but it’s fine as is.

wat??? :aaa: isnt that easy?? but i never tried 2 do like dis :frown:

poor guy, dead for saws of ravenholm, (of course its not ravenholm)

Can I get a link to the L4D picture you used to combine for the bottom part please?

Very beautiful.

** "I can’t get a signal here! Hold on, I’ll-- " **

Anyways, uber-super nice. Rated Art

Really nice editing, but when I read the title I was like ‘No shit’.

Poor soul…

Sure, but if you want to use it for your own screen or something, you might have some trouble with the perspective.
Just do like I did, taking a shot with and without the L4D half body.


Maybe death isn’t that horrible… DUN DUN DUN DUUUUN. Nice job.