"Death is only the Beginning" - Necromorphs surround and engulf Isaac.

Was gonna do something with happy bunnies and ponies, but decided ultimately against it. :v:


Compare: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/102327

Necromorphs are cuter anyways.

Isacc is about to get Fucked up… Necromorph Style

Oh god. Urbanator… teach me your ways almighty one.

Jesus holy fuck

Lovely lighting and scene is so creepy.

holy shit you made it looks just like the quality of the developers wallpapers, nice job!!

This makes an awesome desktop wallpaper actually. Thanks.

I came.

It’s so perfect that I don’t know what to comment.

Need to buy star stickies to attach to the screen, One button is not enough damnit!

Overlays and stock lighting sure make great looking pictures, but when you keep using the same overlays over and over it gets kind of shitty when I can point them out, Urbanator.

I like the sharpness kind of touch to it that zooms onto isaac and the slightly tilted camera effect dude

I figured those overlays suited this kind of pic.
Anyway, think of them as something thats iconic to me. Cause I can’t see myself changing them anytime soon (unless if they really didn’t fit well in particular pic).

Thanks for dem comments yall!

At least attempt to remove the vertical lines from the grungy overlayed texture.

And some isolation for it, not just pasted on.

It’s like used in every picture you’ve made that is dark.

It is isolated on another layer - I like the ‘grungy line’ effect anyway, again, figured it suited this pic. Afterall, it is rather grungy and dark.
But guess it’s just personal preference.

Just try something different please, I want to see more variety from Urbanator because you are the key to my editing as I always use to observe every little detail by you and attempt to recreate.

I would like to suggest DoD:S because I jerk off to that stuff.

Of course you don’t have to but I am only making a suggestion.

Wait now I’m confused - are you saying you are bored of my editing or bored of my poses?
Cause I’m not sure now.

It’s a great pose Urban. The overlay and grunge really fit regardless of the fact its been used before

Very cool.