"Death is Painless if it is Never Sensed..." A German's last seconds.

“Srg. Kolovski and I move out to a report of a German sniper that has been picking off our men. As we ascend the stairs, we hear the crack of a rifle, and the pinging of the bolt pulling back. I signal to Kolovski to hold behind me as I make my way to a corner in the stairwell. Footsteps. I hold my Thompson around the corner, and pull the trigger. The rest, is history…”

This is my second edit to a screen shot of mine. Some basic rimlighting and shadows, along with color adjustment. Enjoy! (C&C Welcome)

The lighting is okay. I want to know what the heck those Americans are doing with their weapons though.

It looks quite nice! Great job.

In your description it says the commander signaled to his comrade. Perhaps you could have posed his elevated hand in a firm hold or something.

The way the characters are holding the weapons look somewhat awkward. Maybe consider refining those poses a bit more.

what they’re doing is firing blindly around the corner, and the German doesn’t know it.

Rated artistic. I can’t find any flaws. There’s no clipping what so ever, and posing seems natural.

haha they look natural, apart from the fact the two americans look like they’re looking at their weapons wondering what they do.

Exactly. And as we all know, in that kind of situation, you can’t really hold a rifle out straight, so he’s gripping the barrel and the butt (Out of frame.)

Thanks guys.

dont you mean Nazi

calling him a “German” implies that he is in some way human

Ohhh, ok, that makes sense now.

Posing on German is good, but the American soldier…UGH!! But you can’t help that, it’s the retarded physics.