Death. It's just an idea put the pitch forks down...

Down. Step away from the pitch forks…

Ok so when you die, you lose everything. This is good and bad. One of the bad things is that it tends to mean people will head out armed with minimal equipment -unless in large groups. It’s sort of a trade off. You’re more vulnerable, but it makes your death less of a case of “f#$k I lost everything good I owned”. Especially when it’s just bad luck you run into three guys.

What if, upon death, you only lost say 1/4 of your loot. You respawned with the remainder…

What if, upon death, there was a slight chance you could drop/forget on of your learned BPs. Death could be a possible nightmare! No suiciding. Everyone would be far more cautious.

Well you can pick up the pitch forks again now I guess.

I don’t imagine losing BP’s will fly with the majority of players.

I’d prefer they implement something similar to 7D2D - wellness. Your maximum health takes a hit every time you die, and regenerates slowly during in-game time (no quick-fix antibiotics or tea). That would be enough to discourage people from suicide runs without making everyone cower behind walls for fear of losing the crafting BP they had to grind for days to obtain.

I don’t agree with keeping loot but I did post a suggestion on Reddit that is similar to what Murdo said.

I suggest that with each death you have a percentage “injury chance” which determines if you respawn healthy or with an injury or disease or something. You start at 0% (healthy respawn_), with each death it goes up by like 30%, and while you are alive it slowly falls back down to 0% over time.

If you stay alive for a long time you will always respawn healthy but if you die frequently or too many times in a short period of time you will have a high injury chance (since it hasn’t had time to fall back down yet) and you’ll start respawning with injuries, diseases, and wounds. One of the possibly tweaks I suggested as optional was that at a certain point you can also start losing blueprints or forgetting lock codes, etc.

Doesn’t solve everything but it would at least give people more reason to stay alive and not suicide all the time for stupid reasons. Doesn’t really help you to suicide teleport if you respawn with a broken leg and can’t run until you heal it :slight_smile:

yeah, i see that kind of system heavily working against newmans, not settled players, and they hardly need another disadvantage.

runescape (oh god that’s going back) had a system that the first 3 items in your inventory would be safe from looting on your death, and spawn back with you. it could work, but i’m not sure i’d want it.

And what if, what happened to me when I first started playing Rust, I continuously get killed by wolves and/or players for days… I will have a full-time handycap without any possibility of getting food, will die of hunger and the cycle will start anew.

Though I support the idea in general, I am not certain on how to actually realise it (yet).

I suppose the chance of losing a learned BP could exist -but be quite low. So it’s not like you’ll lose one everytime you die. However it would mean suicide runs become something you cannot keep doing with zero risk. It would encourage people to actually care about death more. Same goes for KoS encounters, if you died there would be a slight chance you may also lose a BP you worked hard for. So perhaps you’ll try talking to the guy instead of attacking him etc XD

The 1/4 loot drop was something to make the game more accessible to newer people who wouldn’t really have any BPs to start with and would be trying to get a foothold in the game. We’ve all been there I think, being murdered over and over etc. It can frustrate ppl away from the game, re-grinding for the same basic resources as a naked can be pretty tiresome. Much of the time it’s sheer luck you get left alone or were logged on at the right time.

But I admit, that they aren’t the most comprehensive or ground breaking ideas -but wanted to throw them out there regardless. Maybe Gary would read and it would get him thinking about things. Idk if he actually reads suggestions or not but.

In Ultima Online, they added item insurance. It many circles was considered one of the largest mistakes in the game’s history.

It makes the game safer, that thrill of losing all your items if you die will slowly fade by adding this kind of stuff, I disagree with the idea of keeping items after you die and I hope they’ll never do something like that.

Interesting. They could tweak it for RUST. Like you only keep your equipped items. People would actually wear clothes more then :stuck_out_tongue: right now there seems little point in crafting clothes as a new player as it makes you a target and you’ll lose them. Hence so many nakeds.

Keeping your clothes at least would be nice XD

If people are worried about being a perpetually injured naked, well, what do we have now? You spawn naked and vulnerable and everyone who is already established has godlike powers over you with essentially unlimited ammo. Doesn’t really matter if you are injured or not if that guy is going to AK you anyways.

However, it is a legitimate argument. If it was going to be a problem then what if there were no injuries at all, just a chance to lose a blueprint? Everything else would work the same so with each death the chance to lose a blueprint increases while over time it falls back down to 0%. If you were new or died infrequently you would have a 0% chance to lose a blueprint and are safe. If you died a lot you would be losing blueprints often. The key here is that new players don’t have any blueprints to lose, so even if you got killed repeatedly while starting out you aren’t really losing anything.

also, clothing makes you an obvious target. if you have pants, you are likely to have more gear that can be looted from your corpse. naked, and you might just be a newspawn (which these days seems to mean very little in terms of KOS, but for those that it does matter to, you might not be killed immediately.)

I like the idea of you randomly losing BPs if you died a lot of times in a row…
I guess a bullet to the head makes you forget how you built that latern the other day ^^

It would be a positiv addition to the gameplay because lots of players these days just run around naked with just a thompson equiped and dont care about getting killed at all…

Along the same lines there should be iron man servers. One chance at life. You can not come back until the server wipes. People would choose another play style then. Surviving for any ammount of time on these servers would be an actual achievement.

[sarcasm]Especially of you were in the middle of a battle and you didn’t have to keep fully re-gearing. [/sarcasm]

This is a game changing idea that would have massive repercussions across many facets of the game.
Not only does it help people with less gear keep more, but it hurts them when they kill a more geared person because they get less.

In fact, this would only worsen the gap between the have and have-nots, because everytime they die they lose less and you gain less. They will still be better equipped.

I think if you want to lessen the impact of new spawns having less, then maybe it would be better to spend your time building a safe haven for them, and gearing them up.
I don’t think an arbitrary game mechanism is the solution. Just make a large town with free clothes and sleeping bags.

Some people would choose that. Many others would treat it the same way people treat online poker when you’re playing with fake money: go all-in every other hand, and either go up big early on or move on to another server and start over.

True, but would they survive their next encounter? If there was some sign of aging on the character, that would be cool.

lol, no.