Death Korps of Krieg (wh40k)

Probably won’t get done, but I’m just throwing the idea out there.

The general gist of it is German WW1 outfits, with gasmasks, and some metal plating.


These are pretty awesome.

120% support.

i have 3 regiments of death korps, and having them in gmod would be FANTASTIC!

I don’t play wh40k but these guys kinda make me want to get into it :V

Someone should convert the models from this:

those look mid-polly, and they’ll b easier to convert than to start from scratch.

Someone get Necrobard in here!!)

the krieg packs are from this thread. all the mods there are p. legit

Why is it that these guys remind me of the gas masked guys from Sucker Punch?

Because they’re both based off of WWI/II German soldiers.

Those look wonderful