Death Note Custom Ragdolls

I want ragdolls for:





I have reason for this. It’s for a comic/tribute to the Touch My Mafia group.

These would be cool to have (though a Ryuk ragdoll would be cooler than all these :P) but it would be increadibly hard to do them for even an experienced modeller (and would take an increadibly long time). Also the reference pics you’ve got there are nowhere near good enough to make models from, you need front, back, left, right at minimum.

I found a website with outfit turnarounds:

Matt (Mail Jeevas):
Matt Face:[2].jpg
Matt Hair: Pretty much a red Beatles wig.

Mello (Miheal Keehl):
Mello Face:
Mello Hair:

Misa Amane:
Misa Face:
Misa Hair:

Mikami Face:
Mikami Hair: An odd, shoulder-length mess of strands going in assorted directions.
Mikami Clothes: A long, black overcoat with a red tie and a black dress shirt.

Could someone model the Death Note cast, main characters please. Need for machinima. It would be greatly appreciated.
Pictures of main death note characters:


L (L. Lawliet):


Ryuk’s Apple:



Mello (cool hair version with burn scar):

Mello’s Chocolate:

I’ll post more pics later.
Thank you.

Good Idea, loveless. A complete Death Note model pack could be helpful. Ryuzaki approves!

you should skinny him up a bit

Is that a ragdoll or a clothing store mannequin.

You cant be serious…

Don’t take things too seriously. I’m just in a state of ennui and my brain’s just saying random crap. It’s obviously not a mannequin. I’m just bored an comparing it to a mannequin is the fastest way to say “That is excellent detail in the clothing and hair, but skin texturing needs some work. Looking forward to finished product” so let’s get back on topic.


I just realized that L’s wearing shoes. This should be fixed!

Before you complain about about skin texturing, you should take a look at the anime skin texture, which is just one color. He has a pale skin color.

He wears shoes when he goes out. You’re a poor fan.

yea they are like converse or something he stands on the heels so he can easily slide them off when he sits down cuz he dont like wearing shoes when he sits down
only problem i see is him being buff

what is this i dont even

Doesn’t anyone say “please” anymore? Sheesh.

I’m not really trying to complain about skin texture or shoes. It’s just that 1: his hand is shiny and 2: he hardly goes out anyways and converses through a laptop. The only distracting thing is the model’s noticeable lack of eyes, which, again considering the request was made only a day ago, is something that will be added later and I, personally, love the model and am looking forward to the final product, if it is actually made. people seem to see me as complaining and demanding. I’m going to shut up before anyone else thinks I’m complaining. Again love it. Back on topic before everyone hates me.

be patient he is still working on it
that’s a rough draft

L is my favorite character.

I prefer this live action L over the anime L:

This is to do with eye posing, the iris has to be separate from the eye so it can move across the eye to be posed, you cannot however have the iris showing in a render as its a material file code that only works in Source.

He has eyes. They’re just blocked by his hair. I thought it was obvious.

I wasn’t looking that closely at the model tbh :stuck_out_tongue: (the resolution on my screen is way too high, everything is tiny >,< it’s why I don’t read things right sometimes :S)

Though i’m liking the model, is it rigged? or is that the default pose?

Misa’d be awesome another character for my machinima…Nim Nim Approves