Death Note Models

Wow, nice model Fremen, I like the textures too!
But my favorite part of this is the hair, definitly.

L just got back from the gym :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy jesus.

Hey Fremen, I have seen alot of models made by you, but none has been released… I think I read why once, it was something about you only modeling for Far Cry 2… So I guess this is just to tease the facepunch community :frowning:

Edit: Hehe, some people are jealous of your modeling skills lol 2 dumbs on such a nice model, pure envy :stuck_out_tongue:

Those jean textures

I must have those textures for the zombie.

Looks great. But L is too built! Hahah.
He’s a bit more scrawny than that. Otherwise, it looks awesome.

Not Far Cry 2, but Crysis. I’ve noticed that sometimes when you make a post it’s automatically rated dumb. I don’t know if this is just for me or some bot watching the site.

Make him scrawnier, and ya got a winner :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that is sexy.

nice model but i’d like to know what happened with THIS project -
you was soo close for perfection.

As Death Note was pretty much what got me into anime, i now love this thread.

Keep up the good work. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh wow, thats a fantastic model :smiley: Keep up the good work ^^

Hehe I really dont know about the bot, but its true, sometimes people just get a dumb automatically when posting lol, a bot or just a retarded minge maybe, but about the model… Any posibility that its ported to Gmod when its done? :open_mouth:

He got to much muscle! Light is thin, and weak :stuck_out_tongue:
(In the movie)
Other then that, it’s really good :smiley: Nice job! :smiley:

ok, try it

Is there a Kira?

He should work with the people who are making Black Mesa Source.

you made L looks like an idiot! gah! hes not supposed to be that… thick.