Death Note Request

Hello guys:)
I am a HUGE Death Note fan and I was wondering if someone could make a model of Ryuk, Rem, Yagami Light, or Misa Chan.
That would be absolutely outstanding, thanks in advance!

lol i actually thought you were going to kill yourself if someone didnt rig models or something xD

I don’t want to make them, it was merely a suggestion.

Well, if you were truly desperate, you could edit (heavily edit needs to be stressed here) Castlevania: Judgement models as they have the same style as Death Note (since both artwork were created by the same artist). I could only really see Kira being made from Simon. It’s that or learn modeling. As for said models, they should be available at 3D Model Resource page.

How could you forget L Lawliet?

Or L, he’s also pretty cool. Forget Mello or Near, they are useless.

Here is something you may like:

Already checked that out,
that’s why I was wondering if someone was working on character models :slight_smile: