Death Note: Source

Death Note: Source is a multiplayer Garry’s Mod 10 GameMode, and based on feedback from our release, will be converted into a full-blown Half-Life 2 Modification in which players, sent by L, have been alerted that Kira is in the area. However, shortly after arriving, information is released that Kira is disguised as one of your own, you must cooperate with your team members to weed out the traitor, while trying to escape the area alive. Unprepared for battle, players will only be able to use improvised weapons randomly scattered in the area, while Kira will be fully equiped with his signature Death Note, ready to pick off players one by one from the shadows.


XxSwitchbackxX - Founder/Texture Artist

3D Modeler
-Looking for 3D Modelers-

Duno - Lead 3D Modeler/Animator

Additional Graphics

DJ Delinquent - Lead Music Producer/Lead Concept Artist/Lead Sound Effect Artist

-Looking for Animators-

Duno - Lead 3D Modeler/Animator

Community Manager

ДЩӘЅỖŘٲҒٲĉ - Lead Community Manager

Hammer Mappers

Malcom - Lead Hammer Mapper

LUA Coders
-Looking for LUA Coders-
WÏLL †H£ WÄR LØÇK - Lead LUA Coder
Grea$eMonkey - LUA SWEP Coder

Sound FX
-Looking for Sound FX Artists-

DJ Delinquent - Lead Music Producer/Lead Concept Artist/Lead Sound Effect Artist

Texture Artists
-Looking for Texture Artists-

XxSwitchbackxX - Founder/Lead Texture Artist


Ardril_Lerfai - Webmaster

Frunk - Ideas, Support
NateCZ - Ideas, Building the Community


I don’t exactly get out how it goes. Can’t Kira just write down a bunch of names and win every time?

I think I should have also included an FAQ to go with this.

Kira will look just like everyone else around him, except he will have a Death Note in his inventory. At the start of the round, Kira will not know anyone’s name. He will need to acquire them from various locations around the map, such as from a computer with a database filled with names, or from a badge. As soon as Kira finds one of these names, it will become an available name to write in the Death Note.

In other words, you need to acquire someone’s name through gameplay, rather than just knowing it from the scoreboard.

Shouldn’t he also know the person’s face first?

I was going to originally implement that idea, but it would be just too hard to include that in the GameMode/Mod. In Death Note: Source, all you will need to know is the name of the person to kill them. I forgot to mention that you can also choose the way in which the person will die.

On a side note, obituaries and kill icons will not be displayed when people die.

Maybe not the face, but Kira should know the player models. It can be Dr.Breen, a Combine Elite, or even a male_07.

This looks like it will be great, hope to see this on some hot servers.

I believe that would put players who don’t know the model names at a disadvantage. However, I hope by the end of development we have the time and resources to create custom player models. However, if it turns out that having custom player models is impossible, we will just stick to Half-Life 2 player models.

Thank you for supporting the GameMode/Mod. If you would like to join, I would love to see you on the forums.

Good idea, I just hope the execution will be good too.

I just wanted to let everyone know that if you are interested in joining the Development Team for Death Note: Source, please let me know. We have many slots open, as you can see. If you think you could bring ANYTHING at all to the table, to help Death Note: Source, please apply.

I can be reached by e-mail:, Steam Community: XxSwitchbackxX, forums PM, or FacePunch PM.

If you need a mapper, You can drop me a line on steam.
My steam name and modDB name is


I only map in post orange box engines (Ep2, TF2, Portal, L4D, ect). I can also provide non-texture GFX support, Along with a bunch of other things. (Like webhosting for example :v: )
If you need to contact me by email for any reason, my work email is Admin(at)

Also you should show kill icons but instead have it like “Kira [Death icon] john smith”. :smiley:

Can’t I just go around killing everyone (or if FF isn’t on just attacking everyone) until I eventually kill Kira.

I am guessing, No the other players would kill you :D.

Then you could just turn games into a big deathmatch. Or obviously if FF wasn’t forced everyone would just attack the person right next to them until eventually someone killed Kira

That’s why I think you’d have to find guns around the map, instead of spawning with them.

if you have ever played parasite theres only one alien disguised as a human and rarely are there team killers.

I’m sorry for not explaining all of these details to you guys. Friendly Fire will be forced on. However, if you murder an innocent person, you will be arrested (forced into Spectator).

As Kirad said, you will not spawn with firearms. You will need to find improvised weapons around the maps. However, I am having trouble deciding if I should include firearms or not. What do you think?

I forgot to mention that I am still working out the more intricate details. I am open to any and all suggestions. If you have an idea, please send it to me.

Firearms: Yes. Anything but handguns: No.
Agents from the show only had handguns at the MOST.

(Also did you see my other post :v: ? )

Yes, I did. I added you on Steam, and added you to my FacePunch buddy list.

By the way, my Steam name is XxSwitchbackxX. I would like to see if you would be a good fit for the position. =)

I feel so important you using my ideas. :smiley:


Another idea, for the death note weapon, I think you should add a cause of death, Boulder. It would make the boulder prop from Zombie Master to spawn and roll down and crush them.