Death Notice

I need help. I am currently in the process of making a Movie in gmod and i cant get rid of the deathnotice.

I have tried Hud_Deathnotice_Time 0. That doesnt work. Garry must have removed it for some reason or somthing like that.

I cant just pull out the camera tool either cuz i need to have a gun out. I have looked on here for somthing that can help and nobody seems to know what the command is.

If i am an idiot and there is a thread about this same problem (with a solution) Please redirect me to it.

Thx for all the help.

Death Notice?

Yes the little icon that pops up when you kill someone.


There’s a console command for turning the HUD off completely, I just don’t remember what it is

all you need baby

Yea that doesnt work if you look in the file it is still using the hud_deathnotice_time command that doesnt work.

thats why you press disable everything nubnub

First of all Anti-Flag, If Hud_Deathnotice_Time didnt work in garrysmod then disable evrything wouldnt do it because all that button does it execute this in your console: “Hud_saytext_time 0;Cl_Drawhud 0;R_drawviewmodel 0;HUD_DEATHNOTICE_TIME 0”
That is what that button does.
Secondly, For all intents and purposes im an idiot.

For some odd reason when you start up gmod the command to get rid of the deathnotice isnt recognized as a valid command.
BUT, When a serer is started that same session, whether it be a local or mutiplayer server, the command isTHEN and only then applicable.
For whatever reason, all you have to do is start a serer and the command is once again recognized.