Death Priest

Well despite the fact I have no time these days and I haven’t even set foot in this area of Facepunch in I don’t know how long here is a comic that I made!

It was made as part of the halloween comic contest on Metrocop and as gmod comics are going from strength to strength these days… cough… I thought I’d throw my ancient moth eaten hat into the ring and share it here for you to enjoy or hate with every fiber of your being.

The Idea behind this comic is that it’s done in the style of a trailer for a mid-80’s B-Horror movie, Maniac Cop was a big influence on this one and as such it echos certain beats of the trailer to its first installment, albeit comparatively shorter.

The effects were done in game and I’m not happy about them but given how pressed for time I am at the moment if I had spent the time to do them myself I’d have missed the deadline and in all honesty lost the will to live.

Oh who am I kidding, I lost that months ago!

Anyway, I hope you like it!




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“Mercy is god’s department. I deal in JUDGEMENT!” Lmao!

This is actually pretty good. You obviously put effort into it and it shows.

I’d watch this movie.

Haha, pretty good.

Needs more priest puns, though.

I actually read this in the voice of the guy who does the trailers.

Great comic Chris! Fun stuff. But you might want to change that spelling error in the first frame.

Just to round out the B-movieness I’ll just say that is just bad dubbing on the film maker’s part…