Death Ragdoll & 'attaching' to Player

If anybody could spark some ideas / suggestions on this problem I’ve been having, that’d be much appreciated.

My issue here is essentially that I can’t seem to ‘attach’ the player’s Ragdoll Entity (the one made with CreateRagdoll()) to the player itself. The ragdoll is created serverside, so it should be able to manipulated physically. But it can’t. Or, at least, I haven’t found a way to yet.

I haven’t been able to add or set the velocity of the Ragdoll’s entity nor its physics object (as a test), parent it to the player in any way, or adding a weld constraint between the ragdoll and the player. I’m getting the ragdoll’s entity with Player:GetRagdollEntity().
Any help, once again, would be great. If my explanation was unclear, or want to know my specific situation with this issue, feel free to ask me to elaborate more.

EDIT: More specifically, I’m trying to have the ragdoll’s pelvis bone follow the player’s position, if that makes any sense.


Even though the entity is shared, the physics are clientside I think. Most mods override the doplayerdeath hook to create a prop_ragdoll instead of the hl2mp death ragdoll. See