Death Ragdoll Motion?

So, I was looking at how you can grab a death ragdoll, and I thought of a small challenge for myself. It’s really simple but it’s been confounding me and I was hoping there was some way to reach my “aspirations”. Of course the first thing I thought of was to make your death ragdoll freeze in air and do this, as far as motion goes. I’m not even going to try with the background or the head dissapearing or anything. And yes, it’s from this game. Yes, this is the first thing I thought of.

For players: I know that this death sequence doesn’t occour outside of the cinematic quests, but I’m DEFINITELY not going to try the other one.

-rant snip-

Here’s what I got so far, I’ll test it then say if I have any problems. Visit this thread later i guess.

I was just about to say how you could do this, but then I found it’s exactly what your code already does.

If you want the head to disappear, then try using

Entity:ManipulateBoneScale on the head bone.

For the background, you could try drawing something in front of the player, and then using

Entity:DrawModel on the player.
I’ve never tried something like a background before so I’m not sure of the best way to do that.

I modified it to work (will post when all problems are fixed). I hoped that setting the bone position like that would bend the bones randomly, but instead it turned the ragdoll into a hideous deformity. It would probably be better to have the ragdoll set in a specific position, instead of handing it to RNG. I can make a sequence for a biped skeleton, but how would I apply it? Otherwise, how would I change the angle of the bones without changing position?

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I guess

Entity:SetBonePosition without the position argument would work? I’d still rather have a set position now that I think about it.

SetBonePosition is very dodgy for moving ragdolls. If you use

PhysObj:SetAngles on the ragdoll’s physics objects however, it works a lot better. See the example in


If you could play animations or sequences or anything whatsoever on ragdolls then my death animation addon would’ve been finished 3 years ago. The only real way is to manually type in coordinates or base the positions off another entity and use

Entity:TranslateBoneToPhysBone and

Entity:TranslatePhysBoneToBone, but of course that won’t work for moving animations because of the huge network load caused by trying to set the position and angles of a ragdoll’s bone every single frame.