Death Sentence (WIP)

.:Death Sentence:.

              • Introduction - - - - - - -
                (Soon to come)

Death Sentence is a survival-type gamemode you must find weapons scattered across the map in order to kill your opponents. Its a “Kill or Be Killed” situation. You must rely on your wits to kill the enemy by setting traps for them out of the materials you find. Upgrades and Extra Ammunition can be bought in return for your success in killing other players.

              • Details - - - - - - -
                Weapons can be found around the map. You can only hold one Primary Weapon and one Secondary Weapon. However, you may carry up to 5 different Support Weapons.

As of the current version, only the C4 is upgradeable (Because of the storyline). You may buy modules to ‘upgrade’ the C4 from an ordinary Timed Explosive to either a Remote Triggered Explosive, or a Proximity Explosive.
Aside from upgrading, you have the option to purchase extra ammunition for your weapons in case you run out. Ammunition is very expensive because the game is not meant for you to have all the ammo you will ever need, it is about survival through your intelligence on how to kill the players efficiently and quickly.

              • Features - - - - - - -

Para-drop Spawn System
This idea came to me in the very beginning and was going to give this game its “Unique” feature. Players would spawn very high above the map and they can navigate to an area that they deem suitable for spawning. This feature allows players to pick their own spawn location and prevents spawn-killing since the players are invincible for the duration they are in the air. Of course, because of the way the gaming community is, players will waste precious ammunition trying to shoot down the players when they para-drop.

Because the story behind the gamemode features an ‘abandoned in the middle of nowhere’ feeling, having a shop in the middle of nowhere with savage players trying to kill each other is highly unlikely. Therefore, in order to keep the system as a part of the story, items bought from the shop will be para-dropped near the players location instead of being instantly bought from an NPC or through a simple menu.

The catch to this system is that players must find their belongings before they actually get it. The supply crates will be easily visible to other players from a distance and will most likely give the buyers position away.

Donator Bonuses
Because hosting from my computer is very inefficient, and not on 24/7, I am asking for donations to help buy/rent a server so that gamers may play whenever they wish. There will be extra ammo given on spawn, new items available in the shop (which unfortunately may unbalance gameplay) and possibly some neat features that I will keep undisclosed.

              • Status: - - - - - - -
                Scripts: 75%
                Supplies, Shop, and a few bugs needing fixing

Map: No Idea :confused:

Models: Don’t need any at the moment. May decide on some custom ones later.

              • Credits: - - - - - - -
                SeveredSkullz (me) - For idea and most of the coding
                Crazy Quebecer - For being a very big help in resolving my many mistakes

No pictures, no ‘credits’ or development status, no dice. It sounds like a good concept, but you haven’t told us if this is something you’re actually making yourself or if it’s another one of those random/attention seeking ideas that die in a week or two.

Sorry. Ill edit that info into it now.

oh and no pictures yet because I’m waiting on my friend for the custom map i need. Right now I’m just testing on gm_flatgrass

Update: Got most of the bugs sorted out. The Parachute script works fine and the only thing left is to do the shops and weapon purchasing scripts! ALMOST at beta stage! If anyone would like to help with a map, please let me know as that will be a very BIG help towards the progress of the gamemode!

Gaaah, not another one of “these” threads.
Please show some work…

Do you not know how to read? Once I get a map I will upload pics.

That isn’t now, Make the thread when you have the pictures, not before.


Can you read?
I said show some work not show some excuses as to why you haven’t showed work…

If you want to be a dick and get technical about it: All you said was “Please show some work” not " show some work and not show some excuses as to why you haven’t showed work…"

Now if you would stop being an asshole and use what tiny brain you have, think about this for a second: If this is a BS thread, why the fuck would I bother bumping it with an update toward my progress? If I took screenshots now it would just look like a player in flatgrass with a weapon. I have reasons as to why I have not done so and they are obviously beyond what your puny brain can process. Now kindly fuck off as you are only trolling here.

Then make your thread after you have something to show.

Is because people get butthurt if you post a WIP. Not pointing anything.

Well there’s no point in posting a screenshot of me with an AK in flatgrass… nothing special about that, so why bother? if Nivek would use what little brain he has and thought about that for a second, he might see why there are no screenshots. I need a map in order to even consider screenshots, and I’m not the best mapper around nor do I have the time to learn.

I’ve worked too long and too hard to just let this gamemode go to waste so I guarantee you it will be finished

It’s a unique idea, and once you actually post some pics, people will start getting some high hopes for a mod like this. Para-dropping is certainly a ground breaking concept.

Nivek may be an ass about it, but it’s a standard all of us here at FP follow, and it’s now become a convenient mantra:

pics or it doesn’t exist.

And you’d be surprised how many times that ends up being right :/, please, if your friend can develop a little bit faster, then this mod has some hope.

This is fact.
Doesn’t matter if it’s flatgrass, if the game is anything then it won’t matter what map it is.
Screens please.

This early in the game, I doubt it’ll receive much flame if you just prove that it’s working, hell, you may be able to build a team if these guys are motivated enough :).

You guys mind telling me how to make videos using the SourceRecorder? I know the bit about record <name> but I don’t know how to make it from a .demo file to a video file. Ill make a video of the functions so that you cant just say "All he did was take a picture of the AK-47 in his hand in flatgrass.

Try the fraps demo.

Waiting on upload to finish on YouTube. Once Its done I’ll give you the link.


LOL! So apparently there is a movie called Death Sentence? Sweet!

Anyways, here’s the (