Death sound question.

Hey there,

I have a question to ask.
Ive seen allot of workshops with a deathsound.
This will play a certain sound when you die, but everyone can hear this.
I am wondering, if there is a way, to just let the person who died hear it, and NOONE else.
Not sure if its possible, but i hope to get my answer here.
Thanks in advance,


Use surface.PlaySound instead of play.Sound.

hook.Add(“PlayerDeathSound”, “DeFlatline”, function() return true end)
local noise = Sound(“your sound here”)
hook.Add(“PlayerDeath”, “NewSound”, function(vic,unused1,unused2) vic:EmitSound(noise) end)

This is the script it uses… How would i be able to change it so only the person that died hears it?

Run the code clientside; emitsound will play locally if run clientside.

Hehe, well, i am really bad at this… If you dont mind, would you explain how to do so?

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maybe just put it in the lua/autorun/client?

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Ok… Tried that, but that didnt work

Could you tell me how to do so?

Could anyone help me on this please? Thanks in advance.

Bump… Still have no solution for this… Anyone? :3

Post your code.