Death Spawn on Official Server #2

A group of griefers have made a base with a square room with no exit on the server. This room is on the location of one of the random spawn points. They are well aware of this and find it funny. This kind of thing will drive players away from the game and must be stemmed in either the form of a no build area on random spawn zones and/or a wipe of their base.


how do people know where random spawns are they’re random? logic?

They aren’t random spawns but you spawn at a random spawn point.

Still the point is how is one suppose to know where they are? :smile:

You seem to be a tad bit slow so I’ll try and explain like I’m talking to a child. They aren’t random. They are a set amount of “random points” that you can spawn on. The only thing random is which of these set amount of points you will spawn at.

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Shouldn’t have to