death squad members are updated on a situation(in a overgrown city)

the skins for SP models are almost done they are not personal REPEATnot personal
all I need is to fix them. One last thing It would be nice for someone to hex these please

and the epic scenebuild

Needs AA and a higher resolution. But the posing and scenebuild is very nice.

yeah sorry I’m waiting for some ram that will make a decent computer work, and thanks.

I’ve seen this posing style a few times and I am really intrigued by it

building the environment itself and all

its like entmod from TFC

rated artie

Good work with the scene-building. Looks like you didn’t fingerpose at all though and I think you might need to darken the olive drab on their gear.

As for the scene-build, it would have more impact if you picked a better camera angle; right now most of the scene-build isn’t needed because of the over-used, low-angled camera.

Posing is pretty good.

My computer was running about at 3 fps at this screen-.-
So I was lagging way to hard for there to be any sort of posing

Scene build is great, too bad the graphics are poor :frowning:

Whoah how’s that for a city.You should turn up your anti-aliasing.

I really wish my graphics card supported it
Oh yeah I’m gonna re-do it as soon as I fix this skin

Very good scene build, as Chesty says, get a better camera angle

I like it, but the graphics need to be turned up.


I’m editing it can any one else?

Camera angle is better, nothing much to say about this, although theres no fingerposing