Death squad members walk in park whilst the commander is fixing his radio+bonus

yeah I skinned em’ :V I think I should make the camo darker it doesn’t look “urban” enough

the commander’s rather retarded face posing

also chesty those WiC soldiers are almost done…
yeah genericness
also still in progress!

Hell ya generics rock.

Posing is nice , maybe could had covered up the space, pretty much all i can say

thanks anything about the skins?

skins look nice, but upp your graphics, and pick a better map. You also need to work on your posing.

Can’t really know if the skin is good with such low graphics.

I was trying to show off the skins really they all have the same maps and stuff. what I did is recolor them so it’s the same quality again WiP ask and I will send them to you.
and textures are on high :v:

If you’re making threads for showing off skins :dogout: Also Never NEVER post Shit with low quality.

because you never do that to ddok with his models?
wow I feel special I don’t wave models and I get flamed. That’s almost like preferential treatment
next time come back with a better argument and besides I didn’t edit out the jaggies