death star gamemode

ill fill you in on the details

players must have:adv gyropod
objective kill enemy base
custom objects:death star,rebel base

players go on opposing teams empire and rebels
empire builds ships in hangar rebels build ships on planet
have 20 minuts of peace to build
then action starts they take to skys in space combat
for 30 minuts after that its a draw
the bases have fusion genorators blow it up and you win

basic idea ships fly in core and blow up or land and blow up manually

either way itl be cool

Wow, if you said this better, it COULD POSSIBLY be a good idea.
But for the moment, I’ll just laugh at you.

Technically, I think this is mostly possible to do in a single map instead of a serverside game mode.
I have no idea how though, cause I’m no coder.

Many models also already exist. Like the X-Wing, Y-Wing, A-wing and TIE Fighter.

Why build for 20 minutes? It would be a cool idea if you get funds and the more money you get the better ships you can get with upgrades and such. You would always have the basic fighters to use against your opponent, but I’m not sure waiting around building for 20 minutes is a lot of peoples idea of fun.