Death Timers

I would like to suggest a 5 or 10 min death timer wen you log in or wen you respawn i have been playing a few hour and have noticed more often than anoth you are killed at first sight which makes it hard for new players to gain a foot hold or gain intrest in game as your constantly killed by more exp players

5-10 minutes till you can die after you log in?
you kidding me? Learn to hide.

Firstly, there is no rush, you can take your time to spell correctly on the forum, it will probably help you gain some respect as user in the new wave of “rust members”.

Now to the point. Seems like a bad idea, just makes it too infuriating after you die. It’s anti-player, a poor solution to the issue.

Horrible solution, if a newbie does die that’ll just piss them off and make them leave.

Didn’t WarZ have you wait like 4 hours I am not even interested looking it up for the right time