Death To KFC

Kfc Are a the controling bandit party of the server im in NZ/AU INSTACRAFT(INSTA just looking if any one wants to jump servers or are in the server i am to over throw them they are capturing fresh spawns and makin them give half of what they have and collect for the remander of there time in the server to them, there NAZIS and they must be stopped, Look for any KFCR or XHT member if you want to join the rebelion on this server, ITS WAR ON RUST

You don’t even know the difference between their, there, and they’re. You apparently don’t believe in punctuation or grammar. No, sorry, I only play with intelligent team members.

wow then why post something you fat cunt go look at your mailbox if you remember how to get there

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But they have good chicken…

Angry, are we? That’s fine, I expected as much. Simple minds often resort to anger and rage in a desperate attempt to express themselves.

hah your one of this pricks are ya, because you can pronounce and spell your words properly you think your better then every one, if we were toe to toe mate you wouldnt be so smug

Mmmm they do make some great chicken, I guess I’ll go work for them

any way i didnt start this thread for a argument with some key bord warrior

KFC is shit who cares. They got anal raped by a group of 20 who just randomly all met up one night. Then they all battlelogged. They have no glory.

Colonel Sanders doesn’t approve of violence


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thats it they have half the server under there thumb its wrong

Do kids even learn anything in their English studies these days?

You’re a real asshole, OP. This is not the way to recruit people to your cause.

Then make your own group of people that’ll kick their shit in.

You make it sound like it’s the end of the world, when you could just have ** more fun**

You’re playing on an instantcraft server… Who the fuck cares.

More like push their shit in, amirite? :v:

Thank you for not only proving that you’re a moron, but also adding to the May-December 2013 Poster Stereotype. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out young man.

I don’t know who this KFC group is, child. I am not one of them.

I AM better than you. I make an effort to communicate properly. I am more highly educated than you and I make a much more significant effort to convey ideas properly than you do.

After reading the OP and the rest of this thread I have only one question…are these KFC dudes recruiting? I certainly don’t wanna help the OP so “enemy of my enemy” and all that jazz xD

Can’t we all eat chicken wings in peace