Death trooper player model request


basically take a stormtrooper player model and edit it to look like the above picture heres a stormtrooper player model> its actually a bunch of star wars models. ragdoll if needed to make death not be glitchy> once again a pack.


Also if someone can make the deathtroopers do you think you could make a v_hand skin for the hl2 hands to look like the death trooper arms and gloves?

You would have to edit all of the weapon hands separatly to look like storm trooper hands so I’d say probably not.

Well you could port it from Star wars galaxies, But im not sure if thats possible… O wait mabye you could find a death trooper model from these guys then put it into 3ds max or something then rig it (im not a good modder)

heres the SWG modding website you could probably get a model off them